Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still here!

So we're still here. At the moment I'm getting over a rather nasty cold/bronchitis/pneumonia/losing my voice thing that has lasted longer than I would have liked. This is my second time getting really sick in the past two months. I'm thankful that it's happening during my down time and that I have the time to actually rest and take care of myself, but it still sucks nonetheless! So I haven't been spending too much time on the computer and will be finishing up a wedding tomorrow since I've been stuck on the couch sleeping these yucky germs away for the last week or so. I'm feeling better tonight even though I'm still having difficulty breathing, but I'm thankful that Dan and Lillian are okay as of right now (knock on wood.)

In other news, Dan was busy this past weekend knocking down the wall in the kitchen. I'm sure it would be a heck of a lot easier hiring someone to do it all for us, but I don't think it would have been as rewarding and since Dan likes working with tools, I think that it's been a lot of fun making this house our own. The cabinets were ordered about a week or so ago so they should be coming in soon and we're getting a quote for solid granite so we'll see about that. We're going to hire someone to do the drywall for us since that's the thing we stink at and they can get it done a lot sooner than we can! Then Dan will be sanding the floors while I'm in Syracuse once my sister goes into labor with her second little one. I was also able to convince him that we should just get the downstairs bathroom done so that the whole downstairs can be completely done and then he can just focus on the garage this summer. We've decided to not get a shower stall for the downstairs bathroom and just add a sink (which it currently doesn't have btw- yuck I know!) and make a nice little laundry/coat/storage area instead. He'll be moving the doorway and we really don't have too much to do in there besides drywall, new floor, move the plumbing and new sink and toilet.before

I'm just really ready to have the whole downstairs completely done and I know that hiring someone to do the drywall is the way to get it done quicker. The other stuff we don't mind doing ourselves. So here's a pic of what Dan was able to do while we were gone. The cabinets will be going under the windows (where the butcher block is currently located) and on the other side of the stove and next to the microwave. We're waiting to see if we need the pantry or not once we have those cabinets installed. The heating duct is being re-routed through the bathroom wall (which is why I suggested to Dan that we just get the bathroom remodel over with since he has to tear into the wall anyways.) We'll be putting a wood inlay in the floor where the gap from the wall is and the two floors will of course be stained the same color. The new windows will be installed in the spring and we'll most likely be looking into a new door as well.after

I'm just really excited that I finally have my table back. The dining room was far too small before so we haven't eaten at the dinner table for about two years so it's nice to finally have it back. Thankfully Lillian has made the transition easily since she was a baby the last time she ate at the table. I can already tell that I'm going to be spending a lot more time in the kitchen and I look forward to when it's all done!!