Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Starting to pick up....

So my photography business is starting to pick up which is fun and scary at the same time! If the whole wedding thing pans out, I'd be happy if I were able to book like 10 or so weddings a year, but I'd like to keep the focus on family and children for the time being. I just love the interactions between families. It's just so much fun and I think that I would miss that if I were to focus solely on weddings. Who knows what the future holds, but hopefully it only gets better from here on out. Here's a couple of shots from my family session this past week.....

In other news, I'm missing Lillian terribly!! She's been in Syracuse since Sunday and it's so strange with it being so quite around here. Mary offered to take her a few days before the wedding so I could prepare myself, which in the end has been a huge help. I've been working on getting the images from the family session edited so I can just focus on the wedding first thing Monday morning. It's going to be quite the experience editing and narrowing down a possible 3,000+ images for a wedding compared to my typical family sessions!! I'm sure I'll be a little overwhelmed at first, but like everything in life, practice makes perfect!!

We're coming along nicely with the house. We put in the new screens on the lower rear porch and Dan's going to work on putting the trim up this weekend. He's also going to start taking the paint off with the power washer. Who knows how long it will take for everything to get done, but it'd be nice if we could be done with the outside within a month. But somehow I highly doubt it with all that's going on!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My impatient, hard working....

husband decided that painting the house needed to be moved up. I understand the reasoning.....wanting the outside to look nice because everyone sees that first! My thing was getting the lower rear porch sanded because it was in really rough shape and it'd be nice for Lillian to play in there so I can unpack. Well Dan thought that we might as well start the scraping and painting process too while we're at it. Let me tell you........restoring this house is no easy task!! I say restoring because we'd like to keep the original charm that led us to it. How sad would it be to put up aluminum siding? With a lot of hard work, we can bring her back (yes it's a she) to her original beauty. So, we decided to go green!! It's Olivine Green from Behr just in case you're interested and I absolutely love it. The trim.....well....the first one we picked out totally stunk. So rather than risk another wasted gallon of paint, we decided to play it safe and go with a creamy off white. It's not like we're lacking in color or anything.....especially amongst all of the other white houses around us! We were thinking of painting the door black, but I don't think that will look good with the new floor paint which is going to be a dark brown color. So I'm still going to try and take the paint off and stain it.....otherwise I'll just paint it the off white color. I've been painting like a mad woman and sweating buckets to boot! I'm just really excited to see it all finished, though I'm sure it will be awhile considering we still have to get all of the old paint off. Anyways, here's a couple of pics.....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Been awhile....

I's been awhile since I posted a picture of Lillian. We went outside today since we finally had some relief from the humidity. I can deal with the heat, but it's the humidity that keeps me inside! Anyways, here she is looking all cute....

I cut her bangs again myself...probably too short once again. For some reason I'm afraid to bring her to the hairdresser! I think a part of it is me trying to deny the fact that she's growing up. She's starting to get so big that I'm probably going to have to make her start walking herself to bed. We'll probably also be removing the front rail from her bed sometime soon....most likely when she gets back from her stay in Syracuse with Grandma and Grandpa where she'll be in a big girl bed all by herself! She'll be there for a whole week so that she'll not only be able to visit but also to give me a break! I'll be shooting my first wedding on the 26th so that week will give me some time to prepare! Anyways, I need to go clean the floor and start preparing dinner.....have I mentioned how much easier it is to clean wood more carpets for us!!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Oh Snap!!

So this is what I've been up to while it's been hot and humid outside (you can click on the image to make it larger)....

I just finished all of the details regarding the print packages and what not so I'm ready to start advertising. The packages.....let me tell you......are a steal of a deal!!! You'd totally be crazy NOT to book a party with me!!! If you're interested, be sure to contact me soon since my schedule is starting to fill up!!!

Be the first to book a session from this ad and mention the words "I'm first" and receive a free 11x14!!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New pics

So I thought it was time to finally update what we've been looking at for the past couple of days. It was a lot of work, but well worth every drop of sweat. I'm sure we saved a bunch of money doing it ourselves and I happen to think that it turned out okay considering that we've never done it before. There are some water stains that we weren't able to lift with the sander, but I think that it only add to the character of the house. So as you can tell from this pic, things are coming along nicely. I still need to get a couple more sets of curtains and some stuff up on the walls and then we'll be all done with this room.

I'll be stripping the paint off of the front door and staining it since the paint kinda looks icky. Just another one of the many summer projects at the Bombria house this summer......that sounds so strange to me still.....Bombria's actually ours!!!

So our next project is the drywall in the kitchen. We're going to replace it because it's really damaged and I don't think that I can stand looking at the wallpaper much longer. The major kitchen remodel won't happen for a couple of years, mostly because we want to do it right. Tearing down a few walls, getting all new cabinets, appliances, floors, etc. isn't going to be cheap and obviously it isn't something that we're prepared to do right now......I guess now would be a good time to win the lottery! I'm just really proud of all of the work that we've been putting into the house so only wish is that all of the boxes would unpack themselves because I really HATE unpacking....but at least this is the last time right?!

Anyways, not much else is going on. I'm turning the big 2-9 tomorrow.....for the first time too!!! Can't believe I'm that still feels like I just graduated from high school sometimes. Nothing planned because really....who wants to celebrate your 29th birthday?! Maybe I'll pick up a Carvel Ice Cream cake for myself since Dan will most certainly forget like always (I'm used to it).....he'll remember like a week later though so I guess that's all that matters!!!