Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So, I'm not completely sure that I got this 4shared thing down . So here's my first try....(going through a different site until I get 4shared figured out!)
Sorry about all of the links, hopefully I'll get 4 shared figured out tomorrow, but for now I think I need to turn my computer off before my blood starts to boil!!!

Lillian's tooth has a buddy.....

her second tooth broke through last night (which is probably why she got up at 4 this morning!) I brought her into bed with me, which I haven't done in a really long time. So we got up around eight because she started crying so I knew that she had some discomfort because she never cries in the morning (actually she hardly cries at all.....except when she's ready for a bottle!) So she's taken 2 of the teething tablets so far today and hasn't needed any more yet. I'm just glad that she's getting some relief with them, especially since they're 100% natural! So that's our big news for today! If you click on the picture it will enlarge it and you can just see her teeth!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I thought that I would change things up a bit and change the I absolutely love this picture of Lilly and I wanted to see it more often. We went to the post office today and the grocery store. We got our new insurance cards today and they put Lilliam instead of Lillian......what a horrible name that would be! So I've been on hold with them twice today for 20 minutes both times to try and get it changed but I'm not wasting all of our minutes on that! So I'll call after 9 since they're open till 10. I'm doing a little more packing today. I've also got to go through my stamp sets and decide which ones I'm going to put on ebay......I've got a little over 100 sets, half of which I hardly use, but nonetheless they're still hard to get rid of! I'd like to think that I'll get back into it once we move and possibly have more space because having your supplies in one room and creating in another room can get quite annoying. I think that's why I enjoy digital scrapbooking so much......all of my supplies are on my computer, plus I can use everything over and over so it's way cheaper. Well I better get back to packing....yuck! Anyways, hope everyone enjoys the new header!

Monday, January 29, 2007

I thought I would try and get Lilly's Valentine pics since she was being really silly tonight. She started to get a little fussy when I put her jeans on, but as soon as I made some funny voices she started smiling!


and when I say breaking I mean breaking! Lillian's first tooth is breaking through!!! I thought that I noticed something last night but the white was really faint. Sure enough today you can see the little tooth. I gave her a couple of Hyland's Teething Tablets to help any discomfort she might be in. This morning when I was feeding her I put some puffs on the tray to see if she would pick them up herself......well she picked them up but as you can see she missed a little. She's just practicing for what Aunt Betsy will be doing to her next time Lilly visits.........lets just say it's a little family tradition that will make for a lot of cute pictures!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Lillian is a REALLY heavy wetter and she soaks through her Fuzzi Bunz left and right. She currently has cotton inserts, but we'll be switching to Hemp which absorb more. So we're waiting to get those until our taxes come in so until then I'm using disposable since her current Fuzzi Bunz are a wee bit small. So I thought that I would try a different brand of disposable since Pampers are the most expensive (but they work.) We tried Huggies before and they stunk. So this time around I thought I'd try LUVS.........well.........they SUCK!!!!!! I have to put packing tape across them because the adhesive strips won't stick to the darn diaper! The absorbancy of the diaper doesn't matter to me if I can't get the stupid things to stay on her! So I guess I'll be going through a roll of tape since I'm not about to throw them out.....but LUVS will certainly be getting an email from me!

credits can be seen here
Just a page that I worked on last night while Dan was watching the X Games.....I can stand watching the skiing and snowboarding stuff.....just not the snowmobile racing! We enjoyed our visit with Dan although it seemed to go by really quickly. It's funny how Lillian reacts to Dan when he first walks through the door....she gets really quite like she doesn't realize who he is and then a few moments later she's laughing! I think that she really enjoys having someone new to look at. She was really good yesterday at Grandma Bombria's birthday party and went the whole day without taking a nap!

Friday, January 26, 2007

credits can be seen here
One more page for the day! I really like how this one turned out and I'm happy that I'm finally scrapping these old pics!

just noticed there is a typo in the above layout that I'll have to fix tomorrow......I HATE TYPOS!!!!

credits for page can be seen here
Page 1 of a billion done!

credits for layout can be seen here.
I know, I've seen this picture twice before, but I've never scrapped it! Since I don't have my camera I thought that I would start working on scrapping the old pics of Lillian before I forgot anything! One down....a billion more to go!
Small little side note- I started cleaning our drive on our computer and putting all of the pictures that I take of Lilly onto CD since the hard drive is getting full and making the computer slow. I realized just how many pics I've taken since she's been born! I've filled 4 cd's so far and I already notice a huge difference with the computer. I think that I need to make sure that when we have another baby (not for a few years.....doctors orders!!) that I make sure that they don't get what Betsy has.....second baby syndrome. I always feel so bad because there's all these pictures of me and not as many as her......but then again she and my dad always say that I'm adopted since I'm so short so I don't feel as bad! Okay I went way off to the middle of no where with that and I'm going to shut up and go to bed!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another old picture....she was so small even for her preemie outfits that I had to pin things so they would fit her better!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I miss my camera :o( .....I feel so lost without it (sad I know!!) So since I can't upload new pics, I'll upload old yet new pics that I haven't shown before. And let me be the first to say......I am so HAPPY that Dan trimmed that thing.....he looks much more handsome with it trimmed!!!

I was just going through some of the pics of Lilly when she first came home and this is one of my little sweet pea and her daddy. Can I just say that I hate packing! I especially hate the fact that I have to pack things away that makes this place feel like an empty canvas. I can't stand not having pictures on the walls! I only have a couple more boxes left so we'll be picking some up this weekend when Dan comes. I guess at this point there's no need to rush until I'm told that they found someone to rent it out. The apartment across from us was vacated around 3 weeks ago and they've already cleaned it all up, which they usually only do when there's new people moving a part of me is hopeful that they'll be able to get somone in here before the end of March. I won't hold my breath though.
Oh one funny kinda of gross but cute thing......last night I was giving Lilly a bath. I heard this strange noise and then all of the sudden smelled something gross. She farted in the water......ewwwww!!! Smelled just like her daddy.......he'd be so proud!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This was a picture from last week. Lillian doesn't cry a lot and she does a really good job at self soothing, which is what she's doing here! I was in the middle of making her bottle when all of the sudden I heard this strange sucking noise and I couldn't figure out what she was sucking on!

Monday, January 22, 2007

This weekend didn't go by to fast thankfully. Saturday was spent driving around the Bennington area to get a feel for where we'd like to rent. I'm not going to be to picky as long as wherever we end up is clean and most importanly safe for Lilly. We know that it won't be longterm, but we also need to be comfortable where we are since we're not planning on buying a house until the winter time and even then it may take some time to find what we like. I'm just really looking forward to this move. It feels like everything is FINALLY falling into place. Sunday me and Dan went to Saratoga while Grandma watched Lilly! This will be the only new pic of Lilly this week since I left the camera with Dan to take pictures of any potential places to live......she got a little tuckered out learning her ABC's and 123's with Leap and Lilly last week!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

What sound does a lion make.....

Listen here!

My little snowbunny!

The first time that I put Lilly in her snowsuit last week I started laughing so hard I had to leave the room. Her little legs only fit 3/4 of the way down and every now and then her face can get lost in it which is why I put the hat on her so I don't have to zip it all the way up. I have to get her all bundled up again today because we have to go pick up her Curious George DVD and soundtrack......I know I'm excited....really I am!!!!!! That is one thing I won't miss about this complex.....getting the mail at the main's so annoying!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lookie what I got in the mail.....

This totally awesome gift from Amelia!!!! It's a huge clipboard (larger than the regular size) that I can put on Lilly's walls once we move and I can change out the picture (since I take so many of them!!) She has been way too sweet to me and I really appreciate it! All of my stuff, including the project I was working on sending her has been packed away since I started packing for the move and I now I want to pull it all out to finish it!

It's a bit chilly today!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Missing Daddy

We thought that we would try peas again today and it seemed to go better.....for Lilly at least! I was still mildly grossed out by the smell, but I put up with because I know it's for her own good........but can I just say a big YUCKOOOOOO!!!!! I was having a tough time trying to think of a title for this one and then I remembered that song and thought that I would change the spelling of peace.....every now and then I shock myself!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Every now and then when I let Lillian "air" out after taking off her diaper, she pees all over the changing pad that's why there's nothing underneath her! She had a case of cradle cap again so we used some baby oil and her brush to get rid of it. It's time for me to start printing off my scrapbook pages rather than just having them on the computer so I'm going to start figuring out where I'm going to have it done. Not much going on this week besides packing and then this weekend we'll be going to Shushan again. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Check out my big girl! I thought that maybe it was time to try her high chair out again since she seems to be doing a little better with sitting up on her own! She did great and although she's still a little wobbly, I think that we'll stick with the chair from now on instead of the boppy!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Isn't she the funniest! She started doing this last Friday and ever since then it's what she does all day not only do I need her bibs for her meals, but also for all the bubbles that she blows that end up on her shirts!!!

P.S. Make sure you hit the play button that comes up on the screen twice.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Finally a weekend that didn't go by too quickly!!! I went to Shushan on Friday for another long visit. Saturday was spent in Dan's truck exploring Vermont to try and see what areas we're interested in buying a house in (we're waiting until the end of the year.) Dan brought me past the schools in Arlington and I think that it's going to take me some time to get used to how small everything is out there. I mean.....I had a graduating class of 700 something and I didn't even know a lot of the people that walked across the stage at my graduation......because I had never seen them in my life!!! But, I think that this will be a good change for me, and for Dan, and for Lilly! On our ride, or should I say BUMPY ride in the truck, Dan decided to take a road that had absolutely beautiful scenery. We followed this large stream (pictured above) all the way to the summit of the road, which, is usually closed beginning November 1st. It took probably 2 hours to summit what must have been a mountain and get back down to a NORMAL paved road! And Lilly slept through the whole thing!
Sunday was spent relaxing and visiting with Donna. Lilly took some pictures with Grandma before the Christmas tree came down (isn't she a cutie!) Well, my hands hurt so I'm done talking for now! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I was folding the laundry and when I looked over she had pulled herself up from in between the pillows and was sitting up on her own.....I know it's a small step but it's a step in the right direction!

Lillian just loves watching her aquarium before she takes a nap!

I decided to do one last project before I started packing the closet away. The top one is for Dan's desk (if he likes it) and the other one is of course for me!!! I just used some scrapbooking papers, ribbons and do-dads (is that how you spell that?!) and got help for it from Splitcoast with this tutorial here. We don't have anything going on here today except folding tons of laundry and packing (yucko!)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just learning how to do new things with photoshop.....this is supposed to look like a polaroid'd I do?!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lillian LOVES her daddy!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

I was finally able to capture a picture of Lillian sitting up! She still struggles a bit but she's getting stronger and stronger each day! We had a nice visit with Dan this weekend and we were sad to see him go :o(......but we're still very excited about the upcoming move!