Thursday, May 31, 2007

So me and Lillian have a new walking route which requires a little sweat and hard work on my part (which I need) and a stop at the park. We were going to check out the other side of the park yesterday which is over a hill because I believe that there's a lake on the other side.....but there was a couple at the top of the hill and it looked like things were getting a little steamy so I didn't want to disturb them!!! It's supposed to rain all day today so we won't be able to do what I was planning on doing which was going to the historical section of Bennington to take some pics. There is this really old and beautiful church (Old First Church) that has some stunning architecture and an amazing burial ground next to it which holds the remains of Robert Frost. It's supposed to rain for the next five or so days here, but the chance isn't as high tomorrow so maybe we'll get a chance to venture out! So instead I'll do some daily house cleaning and do some more photography reading. Anyways, here's a pic of Lillian with Aunt Betsy at her party!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A wonderful long weekend....

hat went by really fast! Saturday was Lillian's birthday party which was a lot of fun....even though she was sleeping when we opened her presents! She eventually woke up to eat some cake which she enjoyed up until the point where she started putting it in her ears! Then Sunday the girls went shopping at the outlets in Manchester and the boys went on a hike and did some sightseeing. Yesterday we went to the Bennington Museum and saw some of Grandma Moses paintings......don't think that I've ever mentioned it before but Grandma Moses was Dan's Great-Great-Great Grandmother (I think it's 3....might just be Great-Great)......I tried getting him a discount last time we went to the museum but they thought I was crazy....and so did Dan!!!! So today we're back to regular old life and I think that we're going to rest today from the busy weekend. I'm going to do some doodling this week and play around with my camera so make sure to come back to check things out! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Friday, May 25, 2007

My little troublemaker!!!

Lilly has been opening all of the cupboards lately and last night she decided it was time to explore the spices! She picked each one up one at a time, looked at it, and then oh so carefully dropped it on the floor! As soon as it was empty, she decided that she had enough and swiftly left the kitchen.....and she didn't even pick up after herself......the nerve!!!!!!
Today I'm making the cake and finishing up getting everything ready for tomorrow. I wasn't able to find anything with a zoo theme so I guess I'll just match the stuff that I did get which has butterflies and such on the cake.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Weekend and that the weather is nice wherever you are!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So I used Lauren's newest release (available only at Sweet Shoppe Designs) with the pic that I took of Lillian the other day and I thought that it turned out alright. The pic is a little grainy cause I had the ISO up high but I kinda like the effect. Today we're going to finish painting, run to the post office to get new stamps, and go to the store to pick up a few odds and ends. This week will sort of be a complete loss and I won't have any time to do much on the puter with all that will be happening this weekend.
If anyone has any finger food recipes they'd like to share send them this way (need to figure out what type of munchies to serve before cake) and maybe, just maybe if I use someones recipe I'll make a little altered project for ya!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sweet Shoppe and the week ahead!

So I'll start off with the answering the questions from the blog over at Sweet Shoppe where we had to tell whether we loved or hated the following....
1)Scary Movies- It depends....sometimes I'm okay with them and sometimes they totally freak me out.....especially if I'm watching them by myself!

2)Amusement Parks- Totally love 'em! I've only ever been to Six Flags and Hershey Park (which was amazing by the way....chocolate and roller coasters....what a great combo!!)

3)Valentines Day- ehhhhhh.....doesn't really matter much.....I'm not all for recieving flowers that cost twice as much and such.....guess as long as I know I'm loved it doesn't really need a special day!!!

4)Working out- Love it and ready to get back into it.....I totally let myself go after Lillian was born!!!

5)tattoos- another ehhhh.....don't have any, don't think I'll ever get any but don't mind them really

6)guacomole- okay.....for those that know me......there would be absolutely no way I would EVER even try this stuff!!!!

7)Hillary Clinton- politics, politics, politics.....something that can't be talked about in this household.....I'm a democrat through and through and hubby is a as far as Hillary goes, I'd vote for her because I believe that we need a change in the White House.....although I'd rather see Obama get the job!!!

8)Napolean Dynamite - the movie- I totally hated it at first but it's kinda grown on me!

9)Meat Loaf- as long as there isn't anything chunky in it I like it

10)Forwarded Emails- hate em!!!

So this week I have a lot of stuff to do! Tomorrow I have to finish cleaning the 3rd bedroom and start painting if not finish. Then I have to put the rods up in the closet in the upstairs hallway. Then I need to figure out what finger foods I'm going to serve at Lillian's birthday.....and then finally on Friday I have to make the cake and frosting.....homemade buttercream......yummo! Anyways, hope everyone has a great's a pic of Lilly playing with the curtains today...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Another freebie!

So I started drawing while Lillian has been sleeping and thought I would do my freebie now since I don't think that I'll have much free time this weekend. So here it is.....a little flower that's been outlined and painted. I also included the basic outline in both black and white and I also did the colored flowers in sticker form (not shown in preview.) I making a bunch of other doodles that will be similiar which will be included in the mega pack which I'll finish sooner or later!
Download here and tell me what you think below!


Lillian is addicted to peas!!! She's been eating a lot more and even had her first try at some meat, which I've been putting off because I couldn't bring myself to give her those meats that they sell in the baby about gross!!! So I waited a little bit until she started chewing her food a little more and the other day she had some pork and she absolutely loved it. I just hope that she'll always like veggies since I don't. Anyways, here are some pics from a few moments ago. She started falling asleep and I was going to give her her bottle, but since she was completely out I thought that I would just let her sleep. So I've got to go do some cleaning and maybe I'll get around to doing another little freebie this weekend if time allows!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Guide, Guide, Guide.....ugghhhh!!!

I am such a hands on type of learner!! I'm going through the guide for the new camera, reading every word it says, and not comprehending 50% of it! So if anyone knows of a good website to help get me through all of the technical mumbo jumbo and and how to become a better photographer let me know! So I took a couple of shots out of auto mode and here was one I was semi happy with....

This is in Lillians' room on her bookcase......I bought the cross at a Hallmark store....originally $20 marked down to $ can you pass that! The rosary is from Aunt Betsy for her baptism. I took some shots of Lillian but I really didn't like the way they came sun today and I really don't like shots taken with the flash that's on the camera. We're going to the hospital when Dan gets out of work to visit with his cousin who had a daughter I'll bring along the camera and see what comes out!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Singin in the rain!!!

Well it's a dreary day here (which I'm actually happy about because we put some grass seed down this weekend and I want it to GROW, GROW, GROW!!!) So I've been doing some doodling while I waited for my camera (which just arrived.....yippee!!!) and I thought I would share another little freebie of some doodles that will go into my mega doodle pack (which I'm obviously taking my sweet time with!!!)
You can download here.....and be sure to tell me what you think below if you download!!!!

So I've got some reading to do to learn how to use this amazing camera and I need some time to say goodbye to my Kodak.....which was good to me, but a bad decision on my part considering how much it cost. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and get ready for a ton of pics of Lilly!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

This was the only thing I wanted to do today......take Lillian to the park! We went for a little drive first, stopped for some ice cream and then went for a walk at the park in Arlington. We stopped for awhile along the Battenkill river and then headed over to the playground where Lillian went on the swing and down the slide. She really seemed to enjoy her day which I loved! Tomorrow we're going to clean out the 3rd bedroom and maybe go to Home Depot to get the paint so I can get that finished up this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Free doodle!

Just thought that I would share this doodle I made of the tulip that's in our yard! I also made it into a sticker.....let me know what you think if you download below!

Download here!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!!!

My first one!!! Tomorrow we're planning on spending the day outdoors. I'd like to plant some flowers and Dan is going to powerwash the back deck. Then I thought that maybe we would go to one of the state parks that is around so I can get a feel for the outdoors and have a nice picnic. And.....another very important thing is happening tomorrow.....I'm finally ordering a new camera! I'll be getting the Nikon D80 and I am so super excited!!!!! I plan on spending a weekend in Syracuse soon with my dad since I'm a hands on type of learner.

So I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and I hope that all of the moms and moms to be have a wonderful day with your families.......and that you are thankful for the gifts you have been given....

Friday, May 11, 2007

Way too funny!!

If you need a laugh today watch this....Will Ferrell is way too funny....a few bad words....

The Landlord

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lilly's birthday invites!

I forgot to show a pic of Lilly's birthday invites!! I can hardly believe that she's going to be one soon! We're going to hold her party a little early since my family will be visiting us Memorial Day weekend. I'm going to make the cake.....just need to decide on a theme......have any ideas?

Scrapping time!

I thought it was finally time to finish a layout I started last week using Lauren's newest kit.....You and Me, just dreamy which is available only at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Not so sure how much I love the final result, but I got stuck once again...

and here's another one using her kit as well...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Hope that everyone had a nice weekend. Things have been okay here.....our nights have been a little rough the past couple of nights since Lilly's teeth are still peeking through.....and going full force I might add! Once she touches the mattress in her crib she starts crying, but as soon as you hold onto her she's alright. Just takes a little more work than usual! Anyways, I've still been practicing away and I'm finally happy with some of the results. So I've started working on my first set of doodles using the Wacom and thought I would share some freebies of what's to come! These doodles will be included in the much larger new set that I release so be sure to be on the look out for those later in the week!
Download here and tell me what you think below!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A B-E-A-utiful day!!!

It is so nice here today!!! Sadly I've got a lot of stuff that needs to be done indoors, but I'm planning on at least taking Lillian for a walk. You should see what she's wearing today (guess I'll have to take a pic later today!) So today we already moved all of the remaining boxes in the attic. I still need to get some stuff out of some of them, but I'd rather they were upstairs than in our bedroom. Plus since my family is visiting at the end of the month, I really need to get working on painting the 3rd bedroom. I'm kinda torn on a color. I'd like to do something a little funky like a fun teal color with splashes of lime and black, but the main decorating style in our house is typical New England folk stuff so I guess it probably won't match. Then later today we're going to be moving the desk into the family room. I want the computer downstairs and working with the Wacom means that I need more space....and it'd be nice to be hooked up to the internet. Since we decided to not go wireless this is our next best option. Thankfully it'll go into wasted space so it won't get in the way. Anyways, I might get a chance to make another freebie later today.....I'll continue to make freebies until I get used to this thing so be on the look out for stuff through the next couple of weeks!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Freebie time!

Well Lillian took a nice long nap today so I was able to do a freebie! I'm still learning how to draw objects on the Wacom so I thought I would do something alphabet of course! Anyways here it is....

And here is the link to! Tell me what ya think.....even if you think it stinks!!!

A long night....

Well it's about 7:45 in the morning and Lilly is still sleeping. She got up in the middle of the night which happens from time to time, but she typically falls back asleep as soon as I play her music......didn't work this time!!! She was wide awake and wanted to play! So I brought her into bed and tried that for about a half an hour....but that didn't work as well. So we came downstairs and tried sleeping on the couch. She finally dozed off about 30 minutes later. We've been extremely lucky with Lilly. She goes down to bed around 9 and doesn't get up until 7.....every single day! I'm sure the next one will come out with horns and a pointy tail and we won't be so lucky.....anyways, here's a pic from this morning
and here is a pic from yesterdayToday I'm going to doodle my heart out!!! I'm totally loving my Wacom and wonder why I didn't get it sooner....and luckily I find it extremely easy to use. Only problem is that I've been using a TV tray as my desk, because I wanted to work downstairs. I was thinking of going wireless, but Dan says that it cuts the speed in half which I'm not in the mood for, especially since you pay all this money for cable internet so that it does go fast. I guess we'll see though. Anyways, hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! And if Lilly allows, I'll make a freebie today for everyone!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The winners, our day and the weekend!!!

So I was running all around this morning and totally forgot to have Lillian pick the names so as soon as we got home I had her pick and here they are....

(beginning of email addy)
stransurf (Brooke- I wasn't sure if you still use this email's what's listed on your blog-email me at if you have a different one)

So now that I listed off the winners let me first tell you that this alpha is available at for $1.99 so be sure to head on over and pick it up!

Today me and Lillian went to Manchester, VT and did some shopping and spent some time outdoors. Manchester has turned into a shopping outlet village with all of the outlet stores in their own little building. I've been with Dan almost 10 years (gasp!) and it's changed soooo much since we first started dating......certainly not the quaint little village it once was. So we of course hit the Carter's and Gap outlet and got some cute little outfits. We also headed over to the Orvis tent sale which was HUGE. I've never actually been to one of their tent sales and I was really tempted to buy a quilt which was marked down from $229 to $89, but I was a good girl and only bought Dan a pair of pants. After that we stopped and saw Grandma Bombria at work and now we're finally back.

This weekend we plan on going out to eat with Dan's cousin and husband since she'll be having her baby in a couple of weeks so everyone wish her luck! Then Sunday was designated as a finish unpacking and put the rest 'o the crap upstairs in the attic day!!!! I'll post some pics of Lilly in her cute little outfit later....and I got my Wacom today so I'll be busy learning how to use that!!! Whew.....that was one long post!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Enter here!!!

First product!

So I'm still working on the kit, but thought that I would release the alphabet and numbers. I'd like to add more to the kit, but think that the Wacom will help me a bit so I'm just waiting for that arrive. So here they first non-doodles....
I'll be having a contest later today and giving this away to 5 people so be sure to stop back! Also be sure to check out the for all of the great new products!!!
And congratulations Sarah on the new job!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Call me a slacker!!

So I've been working on learning new things and I've been so focused that I haven't finished working on my freebie!!! I started it......just have to complete it! I'm going to try and finish the kit tomorrow since it still needs some more papers and elements. It'll probably suck....but everyone has to start somewhere. I ordered the Wacom today and it should be here by the 4th so I'll be able to start doodling once I learn how to use it. I'd really like to do some Chinese inspired doodles and I thought that they would look a lot better if I didn't have to scan my work anymore so I guess that we'll see!

In other news....Lillian's first upper tooth is starting to break through! She has been quite the handful the past few days and I've actually been taking naps during the day because she poops me out! But......I wouldn't trade it for the world!