Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is for the quote challenge over at My Digital Muse.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get 'em while you can!!

Over 1,000 downloads in 48 hours! Sorry if you missed it but be on the lookout for the full set of doodles in a variety of colors coming to a digital store near you!!!

Another scorcher and big news!!

First I'll start off with the big news that I'm finally able to share......I'm going to be an aunt!!!!! My sister and BIL are expecting their first and I know that she is super excited (as am I!) On top of that they closed on their house on Monday which is absolutely fab! Me and Lilly will be going out in late July to help with the decorating since that's the fun stuff!!! Be sure to check out her new blog at!!

Well today is supposed to be just as hot as yesterday and with the air advisory I'm thinking that we'll stay inside where it's nice and cold!!! Thankfully this place seems to stay pretty cool so the AC doesn't stay on constantly. I hate AC, but I hate the heat even more so you do what ya gotta do!!! Other than finishing the laundry I'll be doing some doodling today and maybe I'll throw in a little freebie!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tell me....

Our day....

won't amount to much of anything since it's supposed to be over 90 here about yucko!!! I HATE hot weather....especially when it's humid. Adding to my hatred is the fact that I don't wear shorts. I don't think that I've worn a pair in at least 5 years. I do have to run to the store today and pick up some stuff for Lilly's trip this weekend to Syracuse. I'll certainly miss her, but it will be nice to have a break.....and to sleep in!! Me and Dan might go up to the Northern part of VT and spend the night since we've never really ventured up there.....maybe we'll even stop at Ben & Jerry's and get a big tub 'o ice cream!! Other than that we just plan on relaxing and fly fishing and maybe I'll get a chance to go to all those places that I've wanted to photograph......actually I know I will because I'm going to make it a priority!!! Anyways I hope that everyone has a wonderful day.....I'm off to do the laundry and listen to my updated playlist.....I know I only added one song.....but I love me some Maroon 5 (old stuff.....still trying to get used to the new stuff!!)

Monday, June 25, 2007

A nice, but long weekend!!

I'm back.....and I'm tired!! We left Saturday morning for CT to visit with Dan's grandma and had a wonderful visit! Lillian was getting into everything and putting everything where she thinks it belongs......which is usually on the floor! Then we went to Kylie's birthday party as soon as we got back home yesterday and then finally back home around 8 last night! Needless to say, I'm a little pooped. Lilly had another rough night last night, but we decided to put my rocking chair back to work (which I haven't used since she was almost 4 months) and it seemed to help!

Anyways, I wanted to thank everyone for your wonderful comments on my freebies! I was getting a little down on myself and actually getting a little upset because lets face takes time to create this stuff and when you see that a lot of people are downloading but not leaving a simple thanks, it gets to you after time! So thank you to all of you that take the extra second to say your means a lot!!!

The Birthday girl Kylie!

And her favorite buddy and cousin Colby!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Another teeny weeny freebie for the day!

Just some quick frames I whipped up! You can download here.....and be sure to tell me what you think below!!!

TGIF and freebie!

Download here and share some love below!

This has been SUCH a long week! Lillian has been quite the handful and has totally pooped me out, but thankfully she's been sleeping in which has been nice! We're heading out to see Dan's grandma for the weekend in CT since she hasn't seen Lillian since we moved in April. Lilly's changed so much since the last time she saw her so it should be a lot of fun!! Anyways, I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Finishing up!

We went over to Grandma Bombria's yesterday for dinner and I thought I would take some pics of Lilly! Today I'm going to finish some things around the house and work on finishing my 2 new releases which I'd like to have finished by tomorrow. Of course, that all depends on whether or not Lilly will allow me too! She's been holding on to me for dear life this past week....I think she has yet another tooth coming through!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just playing around with Photoshop!

She wore an....

Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie, Weenie Pink Polka Dot Bikini!! Lillian used her pool for the first time today since it was finally warm enough with the sun out and no rain! She was a little hesitant at first, but warmed up to it more once I put it in the grass and off of the deck. I just love being outdoors and thankfully Lilly does too.....although I do wish it weren't so warm out today but I guess I'll live!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just a quick page I did tonight using Lauren's newest releases which are available really have to go pick them up......they're absolutely way too cute!


Rant of the day!!!

So today me and Dan went all over the Lillian's new car seat (my big girl :o( ), went to Red Robin for lunch, etc........but first we stopped off at the Cingular store because we wanted to change our number to a Vermont one. So, apparently, none of the major carriers operate in Vermont. We have ONE choice!!!! Apparently it isn't cost effective for the larger companies to set up here because everyone is so spread out and the state's population is so when they tried to set up a tower here they would get shot down by the town. So I guess there's a good point and a bad point. It's good that Vermont won't allow these large companies to come in and take over the land and make it all crappy looking, stinkin' cell phone company!!! Plus the one thing that has me all steamed up is that the guy at Cingular said that we're going to be dropped sooner or later because it's costing them too much to keep us since we have free Nationwide service. So that was our day. Dan is going to work on his truck tomorrow morning and then we're going to go fly fishing later in the day which should be fun and give me a chance to take some pics of Lilly and Dan together in the river!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Stampin Up!

So now that we're unpacked and all I decided that I'm finally ready to let go of some of my sets and I thought that I would list them here since there was some interest before. All of the sets have been mounted and used at least once and may be slightly stained on the wood portion. They were always cleaned using the stampin up cleaner. So below is my list and the price that I am asking (doesn't include shipping via USPS)...

Travel Post $20 Holiday Print $10
Quick & Cute $5 Holiday Blocks $5
The Fine Print $5 Purrfect $10
Furnished with Love $5 Ladybug Picnic $10
Love ya Bunches $10 Espress Yourself $10
Tree for all seasons $10 Timeworn Trim $5
Simple Wishes $5 Farm Fresh $15
Recipe Fun $10 Snowflakes $10
Little Somethings $5 A little love $5
Fishy Friends $10 Cute as a bug $5
Simply Sweet $5 Too Terrific Tags $5

If you need to see what these look like, just go to and check out the gallery where each set is shown. I'll keep these up here for a couple weeks and will highlight each one once they are sold. Oh....and if you're interested just email me at!

Still working...

but I'm getting there! I still have some more papers and elements to make, but I should finish up on Sunday since Dan will be spending all day doing something to his truck. So tomorrow will be Father's Day for Dan and I'll let him do whatever he long as it involves Lilly of course!

Once I finish the kit I'll be having a contest to help me name it and the winner will win the kit so be on the lookout for that! Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and that all of the dad's out there enjoy your day!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another long night

Lillian started screaming bloody murder last night around 2 so I brought her downstairs and tried to go back to sleep. She has no problem what so ever falling back asleep once she realizes that I'm's me that has the problem. She is such a HUGE bed hog!! No matter where I am in the bed, she has to have her head pushed up against me, which is cute and all......but I can't sleep with someone touching me!!! So once she falls into a deep sleep I push her over but of course every time I wake up she's right back where she began! At least we're still just working on the 4 upper right now and I don't see anything new pushing through at the moment.

Today I finally decided to let Lillian play in her sand box......I was a little nervous about her putting her hands in her mouth, but she didn't and she really seemed to enjoy it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Wednesday Blues...

The weather is still kind of yucky here, although the temp is just right......I hate it when it gets warmer than 70 out!! I think that I'll finally put the sand in Lilly's sandbox that Aunt Betsy gave her for her birthday and let her play it in later on since the sun might make an appearance. Then later on today we'll stop and see Dan play softball with people from work in Arlington.

So I've been working on a kit and I thought that I would share a little sneak peak of the doodles that I've done so far.....I'm working on the papers and such the rest of the week!

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Lilly report!

Well we're back home and today Lilly went for her 12 month check-up! I must admit that I was a little nervous to find out if Lilly was caught up developmentally and all and I am very happy to report that she is! She is 29 1/2 inches tall and weighs in at 20 lbs 14 oz. She's average for weight and a little above normal for height. I am also very happy that she finally gets to go off the formula and straight to milk which will certainly make it nice that I don't have to go to BJ's every month to get that!! And to top things off.....she's ready to face forward in her car seat!!! I have to figure out if the one we have now is able to do that since it was rated to go up to 30lbs and if not we planned on getting her a new seat next month. I'm kinda torn at this point at which one to get (thinking about a Britax) so if any of you mommy's out there have a suggestion let me know! I'm just so relieved to know that she is doing well......and to know that I'm doing a half way decent job at this mom gig!

Other than that my dad taught me some of the basics with the camera and I'm starting to understand it more. We're going to try and venture out this week and do some more exploring in the VT countryside and take some pics with the stuff I learned. I guess we'll see what the result is and if I even have a chance at taking pics professionally. Anyways, hope that everyone has a wonderful week!

Friday, June 08, 2007

A little freebie and the weekend!

First off, my freebie! I'm learning how to do this the right way and here is my first attempt at some papers. Obviously I've got a long way to go and I still have to learn how to create elements, but one thing I've got down pat is doodling so I thought I would throw some of those in there! So here it is....Download here and tell me what you think below! It's in honor of Lillian turning one!
So this weekend we're off to Syracuse where I'll be getting a photography lesson from my dad and then we'll head off to the Greek Fest later in the day. I'm really looking forward to the lesson since the book that my dad gave is only semi-helpful.....I can't say that I fully understand what everything means! So....I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Lillian!!!

I turned off the music that is on my page so that the music for the video plays.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A year ago today

I was admitted to the hospital and two days later I received this little miracle!!! Lillian decided to get into the spice drawer and apparently she had a sweet tooth and wanted some powdered sugar! We're just doing some cleaning today since it's raining out once again and I'm going to do some more reading on photography stuff. Here's a pic of Lillian and grandma from this past weekend (rest of the pics are at the flickr account to the right!)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just a layout I did on Friday of our adventures at the park. I'm suffering today from all of the black fly bites that I got.....I hate those things! Yesterday we decided to venture out and went to the Vermont Country Store in Weston and picked up some cool stuff. Then we headed over to Rutland and went to the farmers market and then got something to eat. It was a nice drive, although it was really hazy out and the visibility wasn't the greatest. I'm not sure what our plans are today, but it's supposed to rain once again so probably nothing major!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Little Freebie

Nothing much.....I've been focusing more on understanding my camera this week. I ordered a book that Holly McCraig mentioned on her blog that helps with designing digital stuff so I'm looking forward to that coming next week and hopefully start cranking out some better looking stuff!! Anyways, here are my "I'm still learning" freebie.....

All of the frames come in both 3x3 and 4x6 (white also included.) Download here and tell me what you think below!

Note to family members, friends and visitors- All of my pics that I've downloaded will now be on my flickr badge to the right. All you have to do to see pics of Lillian and whatever else I've taken is hit on the words "What is this" below the little pics and you'll see my name in blue......hit on that and it will bring you to my flickr gallery!
Just a quick pic I snapped yesterday morning after the rain. It ended up being a sunny day until around 5 or so, but with the risk I wasn't willing to get all packed up and such. It's "supposed" to rain again today, but not until later in the afternoon so me and Lilly are going to go to the park in Arlington, take some pics of her on the swings and just learn how to use the camera more. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!