Monday, March 31, 2008


here's a story and a half for ya!  We've had quite the weekend here and I'll be really happy once the week is over and hopefully going better!  Last week when we returned home from Syracuse, me and Lillian caught a cold.  Nothing major, just some sniffles.  Lilly blows her own nose and all and actually enjoys the nose aspirator (strange I know) so everything was fine and dandy.  She was waking up in the middle of the night because of her runny nose, but it wasn't anything we couldn't handle.  Roll around to Saturday morning.  Me and Lilly are by ourselves because Dan was spending the weekend at Stratton Mountain skiing with a bunch of friends.  Around 6:30 in the morning, Lillian wakes me up by standing on top of me because she couldn't breathe.  The poor thing just kept looking back and forth and getting on and off of the bed because she just didn't know what to do.  So shortly after I called my AMAZING mother-in-law because I was just freaked out.  We headed to the ER and were brought in right strange being the ONLY patients in there!!!  They gave her some misty stuff (don't remember what it was called at the moment) that I held up to her mouth to help her breathing.  She took two doses of that and then they gave her some steroid stuff.  They ended up giving her some x-rays and a ct scan......the x-rays were by far the worst.  I'm still a little shocked that I didn't cry while they were doing it to her, but I guess maybe I was in mommy mode and I knew that I needed to be strong for her while I was holding up her little arms.  Guess crying now makes up for it!!!  Anyways, they sent us home at about 1:30 with no medication with a diagnosis of croup and just told me that I needed to make sure that she drank enough.  So when I called the Dr. this morning I told her that Lillian was still having a little bit of difficulty breathing still she told me to bring her in.  Dr. Orton said that her breathing was still too labored so she gave us some more steroids to give her over the next couple of days.  After two doses today, Lillian is already doing a lot better and hopefully things will get better here on out!

While what we went through is nothing major compared to what a lot of parents have to go through, Saturday was most certainly a day which made me value my family even more.  Seeing my child gasp for air is something I don't ever want to experience again.  Anyways, I don't want to cry anymore so I'm going to change the subject.  Thank you Pat for all of your help and for spending your Saturday morning with us!

In other news, I obviously haven't had much of a chance to edit with the both of us being sick!  Hope to get back into the swing of things tomorrow and finish everything up.  Hmmmmm.......what else?!  Oh, how about the fact that we're going to be getting a realtor shortly!  We're ready to move into a house of our own.......FINALLY!!!  I know a lot of people buy homes right when they move to a new location, but we didn't want to make a mistake.  I wanted to make sure that we were sending our kids to a good school and that Dan was happy with his job (he is btw) and that we liked the area.  Well I've settled on Arlington School District.  It's a small district, but it was recently ranked in the top 8% in the country which I'd like to think is a good sign!  So the search begins!  We're in no huge rush, just a medium rush......kinda over the whole renting thing (don't get me started!)  

Anyways, I think that's about it!  I should have some new pics to share tomorrow and hope to get a lot accomplished!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

boo boo

Lilly has her first major boo boo :o(  

She tripped yesterday and went face first into one of her toys.  It hasn't turned black and blue thankfully.....just looks like she has a rug burn on her face!  She cried really hard for a few minutes and was back to her normal singing and dancing self afterwards.  We were planning on running to Saratoga today to run to the craft store, but silly me felt it was necessary to keep her home.  And what's even sillier is that I felt like a bad mother!  I thought that if I brought her out in public that people would think that I hit her or something.  So I'm over it now and we're going to head to Saratoga tomorrow!  The whole reason that we're going is because I received some prints yesterday and one of them was a storyboard that I printed for my sister.  I need to get some supplies for it so I can photograph it for my website and then send it her way.  I'm REALLY happy about the way that it turned out and I can't wait to make some more!!  Anyways, I need to get back to editing pics from this past weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Free time

I finally have enough time to be able to scrap for the rest of the day today which is something that I haven't done in a long time.  I've been a one day scrapper lately!  I usually scrap 4-5 pages in one day because I know that if I don't get it done, it won't happen!!  Last week was a really busy one for me.  I have a few major things to still cross off of my check list, but they're things that don't really have a deadline so I can spread them out a little more.  I'm really looking forward to some warmer weather so I can start shooting outdoors.  Anyways, I need to's a storyboard of Lillian....

Friday, March 14, 2008


So I got Lillian dressed in her Easter dress that her Great-Grandma and Grandpa gave her so I could take some easter pics!  Well she wasn't in the mood!  And to top things off, I wasn't really in the mood either!  So this is the best pic of her in her dress....

Her hair has gotten a little crazy lately and I think it's time to just get it cut.....even if they have to cut some of the length off.  It's just all over the place and I can't stand how the sides look.  Anyways, I do have a couple more pics to share, but I'm not feeling so swell right now and I have some major cleaning to do.  My migraines have been back in recent months and whenever I get one it just completely wipes me out and all I want to do is sleep!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A new one....


Today had a plan but part of it will have to wait until tomorrow!  We headed to Staples this morning because I needed to print off some of my paperwork since my crappy Dell printer isn't compatible with the Mac.  So when I figured out how much it was going to to be to get all of the color copies that I needed it was going to be like $50.  Fifty bucks every now and then is one thing, but when I need to print up my contracts and what not, $50 each trip can add up.  So when I went there and saw the printer that I wanted, I figured it was time to just get it over with because it would end up paying for itself in the long run.  Today's plan was to get the copies and then come home and take Lillian's Easter pics, but since I really need to get some stuff printed, taking her pics will have to wait until tomorrow.  Anyways, here's the printer that I got....
It's the Epson 1400 and it prints bordless photos up to 13x9 and it even prints on CD's so I can make my own custom DVD's myself!  It's a beast of a machine at 24" wide.....takes up half of my desk!  All the more reason for us to buy a house so I can have my own office and have more space (I don't think I've mentioned that we started looking.)  Anyways, hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pics of Lilly!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

If you could see my face....

right now you'd see this big grin on my face!!  I'm a flickr girl.  It's the one thing that I check numerous times a day on the web.  For those that don't know, flickr is a community with millions upon millions of people that post their images to their online gallery.  There are groups that you can post your uploads too and gain tons of inspiration.  I just love it there and I just love looking at all of the images throughout the day. has an explore page.  Basically it's the top 500 pics for that day.  A shot that you took 6 months ago can end up being on just never know.  Well I started searching for my pics early last week and found nothing.  And now this week, two of my shots were in Explore.  I know it's a small thing for most, but for me it really meant a lot.  And isn't it strange that the first shot was of Betsy when she was pregnant and the next one of little Marianna?!  Now I just need to work on getting Lillian on Explore!!!  Anyways, that's my big boring news!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Playing in the snow....

I'm just taking a break from some editing which has taken me a lot longer than planned because of new software I got for my computer this week to help me.  Anyways, this is just Lillian and Delaney sharing a piece of snow.  Lilly had such a fun time licking all of the snowballs!  I have a few more pics, but I'll edit those once I'm finished with the major stuff (almost done Corene and Betsy!)  Anyways, me and Lilly are off to the store to pick up a couple of things!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

My sweetie

Isn't she the most beautiful little girl you've ever laid your eyes on?!  As soon as I brought this image up on my computer I said "finally"........I've finally been able to capture the color of her eyes!  They always look so dark whenever I shoot her, but she finally stayed still for me!  So this week will be a fun one for sure!  Gonna finish some editing, go see the accountant on Tuesday (talk about fun!) and work on my new contracts with my revised design.  I'm going to be working on some custom templates for cards and stuff so that I can offer them to my clients......may work on some digital scrapbooking stuff of my own as well so I can offer that service as well, but that of course is at the bottom of my list!  Anyways, I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!!!