Sunday, April 30, 2006

We picked up the crib this past weekend! As soon as we got home we started working on it and putting it together since I'm so impatient. Luckily it took less than 30 minutes. I was expecting that there would be some scratches on it from shipping but it's thankfully in perfect condition (for now!) Now it's time to decorate! I'm going to make a canopy for over her bed to add some color and hopefully I'll be able to add a light fixture to go underneath it to give it a more custom look. We're going to wait to buy the rest of the furniture until the Antique fair comes through town in a few weeks to see if we can find anything. I still have to add some more color to her rocking chair since it's a little dull now, but hopefully everything will come together in the end. Lots of work to do and only 13 weeks to do it in!

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