Sunday, June 25, 2006

It just keeps on getting better!

Everyday we continue to receive good news! Today when we visited we were greeted by Lillian sitting in her carseat! The monitors never went off so she passed her first test! Then to top things off she is completely off the monitors and shouldn't have any wires attached to her tomorrow when I visit. of last nights weigh in she weighed 3 lbs 9.4 oz! I'm hoping that she'll be home this weekend, especially since Aunt Betsy will be visiting. In the mean time I have a bunch of little things to make sure I have before she comes home which will keep me busy in between my visits. I'm including a pic of Lilly in her really does put into perspective just how little she is!

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Anonymous said... little peanut really is a LITTLE peanut!! She just barely fits!! I'm crying this very moment, I can hardly contain myself, I'm so happy that she is doing good and that she finally gets to come home to Mommy and Daddy. I love you guys, can't wait to see you!! Love,
Betsy (AKA Aunt Betsy)