Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lazy but productive weekend!

With all of the rain we had this weekend we decided to stay in and finish up working on Lilly's dresser so I can finally get things started since there's only 8 weeks left until she's here! Dan did 95% of the work (which was fine by me!) and I supervised to make sure everything went okay. We decided to take a break in the afternoon and went to the Chinese Buffet for a late lunch. When we returned, there was a huge box in front of the door. We received a beautiful high chair from Rebecca and I was so excited to put it together. Luckily it only took 4 screws so it was up and ready in no time. Other than an appointment this week, I don't have anything planned other than making my thank-you notes for the upcoming showers and painting some canvases for her room since it's so white at the moment. And hopefully, I'll be able to kick this horrible cold out the door!


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