Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Lilly report!

Lillian is doing absolutely wonderful! Her IV was taken out yesterday so she is now able to go to the Continuing Care Nursery as soon as a bed opens! She started gaining weight and the doctor expects that from this point on she'll start getting bigger (although she may continue to lose some weight for a couple more days.) Once she moves into the CCN I'll have more access to her as they want me to learn how to take care of her on our own so that we'll be ready once she's been discharged. So far they've been allowing me to feed her and change her diapers, but once in the CCN I'll be able to take her out of her crib on my own without asking permission (it really feels strange asking someone if I can hold my own baby!) I'm really thankful that she is doing so well and that we haven't had any complications (knock on wood!) Dr. Piccerella expects that Lilly should be home in around 3 weeks.......we can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

she is so pretty, glad to hear she is doing so well!!