Monday, July 31, 2006

Our busy weekend!

What a great and fast weekend! We spent Friday night at Grandma Bombrias and left early the next morning for Syracuse. Saturday was spent visiting with Great-Great Grandma Desimone, Grandma & Grandpa Schlie, and Aunt Betsy and Uncle Justin. Yesterday, Aunt Betsy and Grandma Schlie held the most wonderful shower for Lilly......they did an absolutely wonderful job and we are so very thankful! I was so happy that everyone was able to see her and had a chance to hold her! Although we received many of the gifts shorlty after she was born, I was so thankful for everything that we received yesterday.....everyone was far to generous! After a long day and an even longer ride home, Lilly was all tuckered out and was happy to see her crib. Hopefully she'll go back to sleeping 3-4 hours in between each feeding but if not I'll be happy that I get to see her more often......even if my eyes are half open!

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