Friday, July 14, 2006

Our first full week

It has been so nice having Lilly home with us and watching her grow.....and she really is growing! During one of her late night feedings last night I was holding her head and realized that it's not as lightweight as it used to be! She's slowly starting to fit into her preemie clothes. She continues to only cry when it's time to eat and when I'm changing her diapers. When it's bathtime she only cries when it's time to wash her hair! Her only appointment this week was for her eyes. The doctor said that although her eyes are still immature, they look okay. She REALLY cried for that appointment.....poor thing has to do it again in two weeks! Today is wash day and I thought that since I had to wash her sheets, I would give her some tummy time while I did some chores. Lilly has a rough day ahead of her too.....we're going to go for a walk and I'm going to get her dressed up again! I can't help it.....she looks so cute in everything she wears!

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Bren! said...

What a Prescious Little Angel!!! I'm so glad that she arrived safely, even if it was a little early. She's adorable and it's very apparent how much she is truly loved.

Your not so secret sister anymore... Bren!