Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today I decided to get Lilly all dressed up since we were going to see Dr. Molinari and I thought that we'd try and see if the outfit that she wore home would fit her a little better! Although it's still a little big (even though the tag says it fits babies up to 5 lbs), she's started to fill it in a little. My appointment went well, although she doesn't want me having another baby anytime soon so I can get my blood pressure under control (which I agree with.) Lilly enjoyed her time out. I think she enjoys all of the comments she gets.....she always hears "she has the most perfect little features!" I took another video of her in the boppy pillow today. Right before it's time for her to eat, I put the pacifier in her mouth and ask her to hold it for me so I can get her bottle ready.....she always holds it!

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Anonymous said...

Should have put this photo in the contest, it's a winner for sure!!!