Monday, August 28, 2006

This past weekend we went to visit Great Grandma Bombria and once again I forgot the camera! We also saw Uncle Jim, Aunt Colleen, Chelsea, Uncle Tom and Jenna! This week me and Lillian don't have any plans other than chilling out! We don't have another doctors' appointment until next week which has been a nice break. According to my scale which isn't exact, Lillian weighs approximately 8.5 pounds which is hard to believe! Last night Dan fed Lillian as he gets ready for his big day alone with Lillian! Me and Betsy are going to the State Fair on Saturday and since Dad and Mary will be at a wedding Dan will be all alone. He did a great job last night and he will be feeding her once a night for the rest of the week for extra practice.
Those of you who read this entry......please leave a comment of encouragement for Dan regarding feeding her. I'll delete this part after we get a few so he doesn't know!


Rebecca said...

Well, since Dan STILL doesn't butter his own bread, I'd be a little concerned about leaving him in charge of the feeding of darlin' Lil, but I don't expect any undue harm will befall her!

Anonymous said...


You'll be an expert in no time!! That way mommy and Aunt Betsy can leave you with Lilly so we can make cards!!