Thursday, September 14, 2006

The only frustrating part of parenthood....

Is the advice complete strangers feel compelled to tell you! If I have questions about my parenting skills....believe me.....I'll be the first person to ask. Luckily, being a mom has come naturally to me. I know when she's hungry, I know when she doesn't feel well and I know when she has gas (which is rarely.) Basically I know my own child. I may make a few mistakes along the way, but they're my mistakes to make! Can you tell I'm frustrated?!

I've told a few people this story already but it's a prime example as to why you shouldn't give advice to people you don't know. When we went to the antique fest on Saturday Dan had Lillian in her carrier which carries her in the front. We had a burp cloth under her chin so her head wouldn't be buried into Dan's chest. A man walks up to Dan and your baby really shouldn't be wearing that?!!! First off, yes she's breathing, like we would be walking around with her if she wasn't.....and secondly, tons of people use baby carriers and if they weren't safe they wouldn't be sold!

I wear my maya wrap (which Lilly is in the picture above) to do the grocery shopping. I prefer wearing her like this rather than putting her in the carts that have the seats that are covered with germs and who knows what else. She falls asleep as soon as I put her into it and if she wasn't comfortable she would let me know. She's actually in it as I type right now fast asleep. All I get are stares when I wear her and when I say stare I mean a hard stare......the type that I find rude and unneccesary. As you can tell it upsets me and I guess it's going to have to be something that I get used too because as long as Lilly is happy, so am I. I feel better now getting that off my chest!

Okay....last but certainly not least, we went to the doctor today to have more blood drawn for Lilly's iron levels. She now weighs............drumroll please...............9 1/2 pounds!!! I was going to take pictures of her at the doctors office but forgot my camera (something I tend to do a lot of lately!) but it was probably for the best since she had to be pricked 4 times......she does however have a Barbie band-aid on her cute little foot which I'll have to take a picture of when she wakes up!

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