Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lillian had her final appointment with Dr. Gurski today! She weighed in at 16 pounds and 24 inches. Dr. Gurski was extremely happy with her progress and all of the staff thought that she was a cutie! I was concerned about how she was doing developmentally and she said that she's right on time. She said that I should consider her to be a 5 month old with all of that kind of stuff (sitting, rolling over, etc.) I was just glad to know that she thought that she was doing so well. Sadly Lillian had her shots again, including a flu shot. There weren't enough nurses available so one nurse did it all by herself. She didn't start to cry really hard until the second one. After it was done the crying only lasted a couple of minutes until she saw herself in the mirror and started to laugh. We're packing Dan's stuff today and getting things organized. We hope that everyone has a wonderful Holiday and New Year!

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