Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This must have been one of the easiest years for Christmas shopping ever!!! Me and Dan are waiting until next year to get Lilly gifts since she'll be getting plenty from everyone else so that was one less gift I had to buy. So now that I have everything I'm hoping to have everything wrapped by tomorrow. After that the fun process of packing begins! My only worry is my attention span.....which as of lately seems to be pretty small! Ever since I stopped working almost 2 years ago I get bored with things REALLY quickly! Who knows why but I know that I need to be packed up since we're putting the apartment on the market as of February. If no one takes it, me and Lilly will be staying until the middle of March or so. Anyways, I just felt like jotting down what was in my head....and at the moment all I see are BOXES!!!

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