Thursday, December 07, 2006

Well I guess everything can't go as you plan.....I went to the apartment complex office today and was told that since we didn't give our 60 day notice by the beginning of the month, we have to pay until the end of our lease which is up on March 31st. I think that more than anything, I am upset about the possibility of me and Lillian living out here without Dan for 3 months (we'd visit of course.) We knew that we'd have to do it until February 3rd (which was the 60 days) but now the thought of doing it until the end of March makes me sad. She said that the only thing that they can do for us is try to rent it out to someone else after the 60 days in which case we wouldn't have to pay. To me it seems highly unlikely that that will happen, although we do have a nice apartment that faces the forest and we have wonderful neighbors upstairs. I guess me and Dan have some thinking to do. Is it worth it for me and Lilly to stay here and then move out there in April, or do we go out there as planned in February and pay for rent in two places? I guess we'll see.

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