Sunday, January 28, 2007


Lillian is a REALLY heavy wetter and she soaks through her Fuzzi Bunz left and right. She currently has cotton inserts, but we'll be switching to Hemp which absorb more. So we're waiting to get those until our taxes come in so until then I'm using disposable since her current Fuzzi Bunz are a wee bit small. So I thought that I would try a different brand of disposable since Pampers are the most expensive (but they work.) We tried Huggies before and they stunk. So this time around I thought I'd try LUVS.........well.........they SUCK!!!!!! I have to put packing tape across them because the adhesive strips won't stick to the darn diaper! The absorbancy of the diaper doesn't matter to me if I can't get the stupid things to stay on her! So I guess I'll be going through a roll of tape since I'm not about to throw them out.....but LUVS will certainly be getting an email from me!


Sarah Peale said...

We have had the same problem with diapers. The ONLY diapers that don't leak are the Parent's Choice from Wal Mart. I was convinced they would leak until DH bought some and they are awesome...and way cheaper!

wulan^_^ said...

my dd is a heavy wetter as well! we used gemini pampers and mamy poko but they still leaked, so we decided to change her diaper every 4 hours or so - which means 3 diapers every night. wheww, quite a drain on the pocket, no?