Monday, January 08, 2007

Finally a weekend that didn't go by too quickly!!! I went to Shushan on Friday for another long visit. Saturday was spent in Dan's truck exploring Vermont to try and see what areas we're interested in buying a house in (we're waiting until the end of the year.) Dan brought me past the schools in Arlington and I think that it's going to take me some time to get used to how small everything is out there. I mean.....I had a graduating class of 700 something and I didn't even know a lot of the people that walked across the stage at my graduation......because I had never seen them in my life!!! But, I think that this will be a good change for me, and for Dan, and for Lilly! On our ride, or should I say BUMPY ride in the truck, Dan decided to take a road that had absolutely beautiful scenery. We followed this large stream (pictured above) all the way to the summit of the road, which, is usually closed beginning November 1st. It took probably 2 hours to summit what must have been a mountain and get back down to a NORMAL paved road! And Lilly slept through the whole thing!
Sunday was spent relaxing and visiting with Donna. Lilly took some pictures with Grandma before the Christmas tree came down (isn't she a cutie!) Well, my hands hurt so I'm done talking for now! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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