Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I was just going through some of the pics of Lilly when she first came home and this is one of my little sweet pea and her daddy. Can I just say that I hate packing! I especially hate the fact that I have to pack things away that makes this place feel like an empty canvas. I can't stand not having pictures on the walls! I only have a couple more boxes left so we'll be picking some up this weekend when Dan comes. I guess at this point there's no need to rush until I'm told that they found someone to rent it out. The apartment across from us was vacated around 3 weeks ago and they've already cleaned it all up, which they usually only do when there's new people moving a part of me is hopeful that they'll be able to get somone in here before the end of March. I won't hold my breath though.
Oh one funny kinda of gross but cute thing......last night I was giving Lilly a bath. I heard this strange noise and then all of the sudden smelled something gross. She farted in the water......ewwwww!!! Smelled just like her daddy.......he'd be so proud!

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