Monday, February 19, 2007

Keep those requests comin'.....

If you've made a request for a doodle you'd like to see me create make sure you come back during the week because each day I'll try and tackle each request (as long as Lilly allows.....she's gotta come first ya know!) Today I'm going to finish what I started last night so make sure you come back later today (some watercolor word doodles.)

I'm absolutely loving making these doodles! My mind just starts racing and I get all of these images in my head that I want to put onto paper. Sometimes they turn out okay, sometimes they plain stink. But, like everything else in life, it's a learning process.

And thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on my doodles, on my ADORABLE Lillian, and for visiting my blog and my journey through life. My 20,000 post prize will be appearing soon so make sure you watch out for that too!

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