Thursday, February 01, 2007

Time to work on something different!

Well I got frustrated again with my doodles so I decided to move onto something different! The links work, they just don't have a transparent background so I guess you just have to change the background. Since I'm using elements, there really doesn't seem to be any tutorials to help me out. I'm going to keep working on it though because I made some really cute doodles of bugs last night that I called bug a doodle doo. So, I started working on some papers and some ribbon and such but I'm still working on it and I don't want it to look like c-r-a-p. I know everyone has to start somewhere but hopefully I won't completely suck at it!

Tomorrow me and Lilly are off to Shushan again until Monday morning. Then we'll be leaving again for Syracuse on Wednesday and staying until the next Monday. So, it will be busy week! I'm just finishing up some cleaning because I can't stand coming back to dishes in the sink and such!

So I'll bring my computer with me so I can work on stuff next week while everyone is working during the day and hopefully I'll have something when I return. Here is a small sample of what I'm working on.....still a lot more fine tuning, more papers and elements to do so we shall see how it turns out!

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