Saturday, February 17, 2007

Today's Plan

So, today I have lots of things planned! First we're going to go to BJ's to see if the gates that they have are okay. If not, we'll be stopping at Babies R Us which happens to be in the busiest shopping center on the face of the earth on the weekend (okay not really, but people drive like fridiots there!) Then we might stop at Target (I'm going through withdrawl.....haven't been there in months!) Lastly, we'll stop at Michaels. I need to pick up some heavy weight watercolor paper and some new blender pens until I'm able to order more through Stampin Up.
Then, once we get home, I'll feed Lilly again and put her down for her afternoon nap.'s doodling time. I've got some make sure you come back later for an update. I'll give a clue.......a bunch for free and a bunch for $1.
Hope everyone has a great day!


Rebecca said...

Wow, you've got a full day by the sound of it! I really liked the gates that BabiesRUs had more than anyone else's.... and by the look of that darlin video below, you're going to need them soon. Lol. That video actually made me laugh and get a little sentimental... or was it just mental, lol... my DD is a little over two years old and she's into absolutely everything. I call her Monkey Girl sometimes because she is such a climber. Its hard to remember a time when she could barely wiggle on the floor but when I saw that vidoe of your DD Lillian, I was taken back. How darlin!!!

And speaking of darlin... those watercolors and doodles are fantabulous! I really like that last flower you did too. Very, very pretty! I have one thought though... I would like to do a LO with my DD as a fairy sitting on top of the flower but since you have it pretty small (I scrap 12x12 at 300 dpi) it is much too small for that purpose. I know its too much to go back and redo it but I'm thinking may be just suggesting to scan them in much larger on the next batch might be possible.

Thanks so much for all the great goodies and congrats on your placement on the blog listings!!! :D Very cool and well deserved! :D

Leslie said...

LOVE the picture of Baby Lillian w/Pooh and the doodles. Lucky for us that Lilly took a nap!

shellshok said...

I love that photo of your daughter. Where did you find her pooh hat? Thanks