Thursday, March 29, 2007


I FINALLY got through and was able to set up my cable and internet service, but only after mentioning that I had called all day yesterday and twice today and was disconnected because there weren't any reps available. I have a hard time getting firm on the phone if it isn 't the reps fault since I remember how nasty people can get when I was in the working world. So now that's all set......and we have an appointment for Saturday so Dan won't drive me nuts during the week if we didn't have service. I'm going to try and set up the internet service myself, but I have to wait for the kit to arrive, so I'm estimating I'll be without that for about a week. And then if I have trouble setting it up I have to have a tech come set it up for me. So that's one thing off of my long list of things to do today. At this point, I'm just going to throw things into the box if I'm not done later tonight!!! Anyways, hope everyone has a good day!

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H.Green said...

I know the frustrations of calling for help with your internet provider. I have Hughesnet satellite internet because we live in the boonies, lol. When I have to call for tech support I always get someone who has a really thick accent I can't even understand because my brother says their tech support is in India or something like that. I called one time and while they were walking me through something they started some 'small talk'. They all do that, i think it's protocall. Anyways, she said to me, so how is the weather there? I was like, it's nice and sunny and she said, Oh it's morning there? lol. That's when I knew for sure they were definately in another country.

All the best wishes and good luck with your move, I know it can be difficult. Take care :)