Thursday, March 08, 2007

Somehow I missed the first pic when I downloaded the pics the other day. I've been using my headbands on her because I think that the kid ones are WAY too this way she looks like a girl and it doesn't hurt her to wear them!!! Isn't she the cutest?!!!


Jantina said...

I am a regular visitor of your blog and I just love it. I ad your blinkie to my blog.
And what a cute little girl you have.

Jaimie said...

Lilly is so adorable. She almost has a double dimple thing going on in her beautiful smile. Gotta love it! Thanks for sharing her with us. She is a treat to see every day and I do mean every day. I am pretty much hooked on your blog!!

LVMommy22 said...

look at those dimples!!! i love all the pix you post of lillian.
:) M