Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sweet Shoppe Quiz!

So over at the Sweet Shoppe blog, Lauren posted a bunch of silly here are my answers!

1)who’s your dreamy dreamy steamy hottie (and hubby’s don’t count) don’t just answer.. post up a picture, I need eye candy!

Mr. Hunk himself Matthew McConaughey!!!

2) what is the goofiest thing you’ve said/done this week? I can't really think of anything specific this week, but I'm sure I did something goofy!

3)If I (or some random other person, as I can’t really answer this properly otherwise haha) walked into your house RIGHT NOW, what would embarrass you the most (be it an item, a mess, your fridge.. whatever)? Probably the fact that we're still not settled and that we're in the process of putting carpet down so everything is kinda out of place!

4) What creepy things do you have living (or growing.. ) under your bed (due to lack of cleaning of course )? Shockingly not a single thing.....we haven't started unpacking our room, but since we have an attic there probably won't end up being anything under the bed anyways!
5) Have you ever done a drive by fart in the super market? Did anyone notice? What's a fart?!!! Would someone please tell me.....guessing since I don't know what one is I've never done one!!!!!!!!!!

6) Finish this sentence… If I were a duck__________ I'd shake my cute little tailfeather all day long!

7) google it … dude do it! ” your name is” __ But your name is Carrie. You start to cry because: Of the meaningful, poetic way he rhymed ''Amelia'' with ''feel ya.''

8) what colour are your underwear? boring old white!!

9) if you could be with anyone right now, who would it be? why? (I’m not talking dirty here people.. stay with me, focus! lol) Thankfully we're back together with Dan, but if I could pick one person to be with that isn't here it would be my mom.......I wish she had the chance to meet Lillian

10) close your eyes, what do you see? not a single eyes are closed silly!!!


KirstieGai said...

drooling with you over McConaughey!

LVMommy22 said...

i'm a mom; i can talk about poop, snot, and farts, lol! a fart is passing gas - as in, "oh my gosh, i ate so many beans yesteday, all i did today was fart!" a drive-by fart would be passing gas in public and walking on like nothing happened. what does your family call it? i have different friends who call it poofing, pooting, fluffing. we try to get our kids to say they have gas instead of saying they farted.
mr. mcconaughey is a much better subject! i'm with ya on that one!
:) M

Shell said...

LMBO at the drive by farts. In our house we call it tooting as in tooting your horn which makes my son smile for miles. But I am infamous for drive bys in walmarts lol. When I was pregnant I couldn't & wouldn't bend or stoop over if someone else was on the aisle with me.