Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!!!

My first one!!! Tomorrow we're planning on spending the day outdoors. I'd like to plant some flowers and Dan is going to powerwash the back deck. Then I thought that maybe we would go to one of the state parks that is around so I can get a feel for the outdoors and have a nice picnic. And.....another very important thing is happening tomorrow.....I'm finally ordering a new camera! I'll be getting the Nikon D80 and I am so super excited!!!!! I plan on spending a weekend in Syracuse soon with my dad since I'm a hands on type of learner.

So I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and I hope that all of the moms and moms to be have a wonderful day with your families.......and that you are thankful for the gifts you have been given....


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, sounds like you have a nice day planned.

Opal: Vegan Momma said...

Happy Mother's Day!
The Nikon D80 is an excellent camera. I use it almost daily. Enjoy!

Myxi said...

Happy FIRST Mother's Day!!
This is my 37th, and I am just as thankful today as I was 37 years ago. My gifts were two children, both healthy, and both have grown into fine adults and parents as well.

Many years ago, I knew a man that told us that he was a millionaire, and he said he could show us his millions.
Of course we wanted to see what a million dollars looked like.
He took us into his home to his children's rooms. It was late at night, and his children were all sleeping. He had 6 of them, and when he had showed us all of them, he told us that we had just seen his millions. I'll never forget that because I thought it was so sweet.