Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sweet Shoppe and the week ahead!

So I'll start off with the answering the questions from the blog over at Sweet Shoppe where we had to tell whether we loved or hated the following....
1)Scary Movies- It depends....sometimes I'm okay with them and sometimes they totally freak me out.....especially if I'm watching them by myself!

2)Amusement Parks- Totally love 'em! I've only ever been to Six Flags and Hershey Park (which was amazing by the way....chocolate and roller coasters....what a great combo!!)

3)Valentines Day- ehhhhhh.....doesn't really matter much.....I'm not all for recieving flowers that cost twice as much and such.....guess as long as I know I'm loved it doesn't really need a special day!!!

4)Working out- Love it and ready to get back into it.....I totally let myself go after Lillian was born!!!

5)tattoos- another ehhhh.....don't have any, don't think I'll ever get any but don't mind them really

6)guacomole- okay.....for those that know me......there would be absolutely no way I would EVER even try this stuff!!!!

7)Hillary Clinton- politics, politics, politics.....something that can't be talked about in this household.....I'm a democrat through and through and hubby is a as far as Hillary goes, I'd vote for her because I believe that we need a change in the White House.....although I'd rather see Obama get the job!!!

8)Napolean Dynamite - the movie- I totally hated it at first but it's kinda grown on me!

9)Meat Loaf- as long as there isn't anything chunky in it I like it

10)Forwarded Emails- hate em!!!

So this week I have a lot of stuff to do! Tomorrow I have to finish cleaning the 3rd bedroom and start painting if not finish. Then I have to put the rods up in the closet in the upstairs hallway. Then I need to figure out what finger foods I'm going to serve at Lillian's birthday.....and then finally on Friday I have to make the cake and frosting.....homemade buttercream......yummo! Anyways, hope everyone has a great's a pic of Lilly playing with the curtains today...


Anonymous said...

I'd like to make a suggestion...Although I think you dooles are nice but not useful to me, hopefully when I have time I will learn how to use them. Anyways here is my suggestion:

For every doodle, there should be two new pics of Lilly!! Because she is the cutest baby in the world!! LOVE, Aunt Betsy

Angedawn said...

A democrat and a republican in the same house huh... I bet that gets interesting... lol! Thanks for playing love it or hate it! :)

Tasha said...

That is a truly beautiful photo of Lilly! Frame it and put it on the wall!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome photo! Thanks for sharing it with us.