Thursday, May 03, 2007

The winners, our day and the weekend!!!

So I was running all around this morning and totally forgot to have Lillian pick the names so as soon as we got home I had her pick and here they are....

(beginning of email addy)
stransurf (Brooke- I wasn't sure if you still use this email's what's listed on your blog-email me at if you have a different one)

So now that I listed off the winners let me first tell you that this alpha is available at for $1.99 so be sure to head on over and pick it up!

Today me and Lillian went to Manchester, VT and did some shopping and spent some time outdoors. Manchester has turned into a shopping outlet village with all of the outlet stores in their own little building. I've been with Dan almost 10 years (gasp!) and it's changed soooo much since we first started dating......certainly not the quaint little village it once was. So we of course hit the Carter's and Gap outlet and got some cute little outfits. We also headed over to the Orvis tent sale which was HUGE. I've never actually been to one of their tent sales and I was really tempted to buy a quilt which was marked down from $229 to $89, but I was a good girl and only bought Dan a pair of pants. After that we stopped and saw Grandma Bombria at work and now we're finally back.

This weekend we plan on going out to eat with Dan's cousin and husband since she'll be having her baby in a couple of weeks so everyone wish her luck! Then Sunday was designated as a finish unpacking and put the rest 'o the crap upstairs in the attic day!!!! I'll post some pics of Lilly in her cute little outfit later....and I got my Wacom today so I'll be busy learning how to use that!!! Whew.....that was one long post!!!


Mormishmom said...

Thank you for another wonderful prize!!!! It's so fun - great job on the alpha!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

WOO HOO!! Thanks so much and tell little miss Lillian Thank you too! :)

Yep that is the correct email for me.

You are amazing if you turned down such an awesome deal on a quilt. I LOVE quilts.

Enjoy your dinner, my niece is due in 2.5 weeks too!

Sinead said...

Thanks, Carrie and Lilly! That's really sweet!