Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A wonderful long weekend....

hat went by really fast! Saturday was Lillian's birthday party which was a lot of fun....even though she was sleeping when we opened her presents! She eventually woke up to eat some cake which she enjoyed up until the point where she started putting it in her ears! Then Sunday the girls went shopping at the outlets in Manchester and the boys went on a hike and did some sightseeing. Yesterday we went to the Bennington Museum and saw some of Grandma Moses paintings......don't think that I've ever mentioned it before but Grandma Moses was Dan's Great-Great-Great Grandmother (I think it's 3....might just be Great-Great)......I tried getting him a discount last time we went to the museum but they thought I was crazy....and so did Dan!!!! So today we're back to regular old life and I think that we're going to rest today from the busy weekend. I'm going to do some doodling this week and play around with my camera so make sure to come back to check things out! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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