Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another long night

Lillian started screaming bloody murder last night around 2 so I brought her downstairs and tried to go back to sleep. She has no problem what so ever falling back asleep once she realizes that I'm's me that has the problem. She is such a HUGE bed hog!! No matter where I am in the bed, she has to have her head pushed up against me, which is cute and all......but I can't sleep with someone touching me!!! So once she falls into a deep sleep I push her over but of course every time I wake up she's right back where she began! At least we're still just working on the 4 upper right now and I don't see anything new pushing through at the moment.

Today I finally decided to let Lillian play in her sand box......I was a little nervous about her putting her hands in her mouth, but she didn't and she really seemed to enjoy it!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

My kids always seemed to end up with their feet laying across me. I would be dreaming I was pinned under a tree in the woods and wake up to LEGS :)

lauren grier said...

lol the JOYS. Ce was like that forever, in fact... he JUST stopped. For the past week he's been ok sleeping w/o me. It's honestly SUCH a relief. He is also the biggest bed hog haha. I feel for ya :)