Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another scorcher and big news!!

First I'll start off with the big news that I'm finally able to share......I'm going to be an aunt!!!!! My sister and BIL are expecting their first and I know that she is super excited (as am I!) On top of that they closed on their house on Monday which is absolutely fab! Me and Lilly will be going out in late July to help with the decorating since that's the fun stuff!!! Be sure to check out her new blog at!!

Well today is supposed to be just as hot as yesterday and with the air advisory I'm thinking that we'll stay inside where it's nice and cold!!! Thankfully this place seems to stay pretty cool so the AC doesn't stay on constantly. I hate AC, but I hate the heat even more so you do what ya gotta do!!! Other than finishing the laundry I'll be doing some doodling today and maybe I'll throw in a little freebie!!

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

I like it when it is about 78 degrees, now that seems just right. Well unless we are out on the lake in the boat! lol

I am not a big fan of hot either!

Congrats to the new parents to be :)