Friday, July 27, 2007

Buy my store for $5!!!

I must have lost my mind!!!
So today we're staying inside because it's REALLY humid out.....I can barely stand hot weather, much less when it's hot AND sticky!! No real plans this weekend although I'd like to go for a walk tomorrow with Dan and Lilly. I need to stop in Manchester to pick up some stuff so that might have to count as our walk if it rains all weekend like the weather report said yesterday....although I never take it seriously because they tend to be wrong 50% of the time! Other than that we have a birthday party on Sunday so it will be a laid back weekend. I'll probably go to BJ's to pick up some diapers next week and I think that will be the last box we'll be buying since I'll be getting some more Fuzzi Bunz for Lilly. We skipped the second size so at least that's all we'll have to buy when we have another baby. Anyways, I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend....and remember to head on over to my store at My Digital Muse here to pick up my store!!! And here's a pic of Lilly enjoying her pool yesterday!


Adrienne *Acmdesignz* said...

Well I am going to check out your store what a great deal that is !!
Have a wondeful Weekend !!

Victoria said...

Great offer and cute photos!