Monday, July 23, 2007

Finally home!

What a weekend!!! I think that we did a pretty good job and I hope that Betsy and Justin feel a little more comfortable in their new home now that it's a little more unpacked! I brought my camera with me but forgot to take pictures so I guess I'll have to take some the next time I go home. Their new house is really cute and it has stunning hard wood floors throughout. Betsy was a little sleepy which I kinda expected since she's 11 weeks. I slept soooo much my first trimester! So we came home today and it was a really stinky drive. The traffic was horrible and there was so much construction! Thankfully Lilly slept through the whole thing which was great because once she becomes crabby in the car, she stays like that the whole ride. This week I think that I'm going to do some doodling, make some "plain" papers and finally go up to the old church in Bennington like I was supposed to during Dan's vacation to take some pics. Here's a pic of Lillian enjoying her mac and cheese just a little bit too much!!

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

ha ha ha, yes she does really look like she is enjoying herself! To cute