Thursday, July 19, 2007

A little preview....

Here's a little preview of my finished papers.....I'm working on the elements and hopefully I'll finish everything today before me and Lilly leave tomorrow. Other than that I have to do the laundry (my least favorite household chore!!) and get packed. Dan's truck is getting fixed today and the total was below the $4oo mark we were hoping it wouldn't go over, so not to bad. Apparently he needs a whole new ignition.....oh well!!! He's going to be on houseboat on Lake Champlain this weekend with a bunch of other guys from work. I can picture it now......I see lawn chairs, fishing rods, a bunch of food.....and what am I leaving out.....oh yeah.....lots of beer!! It'll be good for him to get out and relax a bit! Oh....I almost forgot, if you have any name ideas for the kit let me sorta has a funky Asian flair so something along those lines....if I pick your name you win the kit (be sure to leave me your email addy!)

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Kara said...

How about-Limeany flair
So I know I totally made up the word LIMEany, but limes popped out at me when I saw these colors! Hard for me to see the Asian now but I'm still thinkin! Hope you have a great trip:-)