Thursday, August 16, 2007

Almost done....

finishing up the stuff for my grab bag for My Digital Muse tomorrow. This will be my first one, so it's been quite the week for me getting prepared for it! I should have everything finished by the time we leave to go eat dinner with Grandma and Aunt Lindsay. Lindsay is moving this weekend, so I thought I should finally get around to taking pics of her and Lilly together since I don't think that I've ever taken any....other than when Lilly was in the NICU. So this will give me a good reason to finally get some pictures developed....I used to develop pics of Lilly once a month or so before, but since the move I've kinda slacked in that department. So once we get back from dinner, I'll come back and get my ad ready for my CT call which I'll post tomorrow. I'm so super excited to get my stuff out there a little more. I'm not sure of an exact number that I'm looking for, I guess I'll just see what feels right. If you're interested already, shoot me an email at! Anyways, here's a pic of my little Vera Bradley lover.....she loves to carry it around wherever she goes!!


Two Bloggin Moms said...

What a darling photo! She's a girly girl!

Good luck getting your grab bag together and good luck with the ct call!

PsiPsi said...

What a cute and adorable picture
she´s like my little lilly lady
she loves any kind of purses and bags

Dawn said...

She is so adorable! Good luck with your call.

etteY said...

she's an adorable doll! always looking forward to seeing her pic! good luck wit the ct call:)