Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I so love Lightroom!!! It's absolutely amazing and it's making me look at pics in a whole new light!! Lilly was sick of taking pics with Lindsay so she decided it was time to leave! We might go to the fair this weekend.....$9 to get in....ouch.....seems like a lot for a little itty bitty fair, but at least the parking is free!! I'm going to go to the state fair with my sister when we go home for Labor Day weekend for the annual Schlie clamfest!! Dan's invited, but only with the understanding that if he complains, we're leaving him where he is (he complained the whole time last time we went.....I mean how can you not enjoy the fair?!!!) Anyways, I've still got another hour until I post the winners so I'm going to do some scrapping and I'll come I've posted a lot today!!

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