Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dan's home!!!

way we weren't planning on. It's raining right now anyways, so me and Lilly will just go with him and we'll eat out for dinner. Me and Lilly had a wonderful day yesterday. I needed to get some new jeans so we headed up to the outlets in Manchester. Then we headed to Zoey's and I got a turkey on rye (which is absolutely amazing btw.....they make their own bread each day and it just makes my mouth water thinking about it!) So we got lunch to go and headed to the park in Manchester. Lilly enjoyed crawling all over the place and rolling down the little hill. We even headed over to the swings and she got to swing with all of the other kids around which she absolutely loved. I know she's really going to love the play group. Then we headed over to the marble quarry that they turned into a swimming hole. It's really neat there and it'll be a fun place once LillyWell we picked up Dan from the airport last night after being gone for the week and we're happy to have him back with us! His flight was an hour late and they left his luggage in NYC so we have to go back today and get it, which isn't a huge problem.....just another hour drive each (and any subsequent kids) get old enough....there's certainly no shallow end there!! Anyways, here's one shot of Lilly at the park trying to drink my Dr. Pepper!

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