Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So I have my new flash and my Lightsphere and I've been playing with them this past week. Still have tons to learn, but so far so good! I'm going to be ordering my backdrops and stand this week so I'll have that. And then for Christmas I'm going to ask for a softbox and other goodies for the lighting side of things and I should be all set to go. I've still been doing lots of research for the business side of things and I'll probably head out to the county clerk either later this week or next week to get some more info and assistance. And at night I've been reading some books that I ordered from Amazon. And since they have lots of pictures in them it certainly goes by a lot faster!!!


Ani said...

This picture is gorgeous. I love the colors and lighting. Good luck with the startup of the business. Be sure to let us know the link to the site.

Kelly said...

I love that photo!