Tuesday, March 25, 2008

boo boo

Lilly has her first major boo boo :o(  

She tripped yesterday and went face first into one of her toys.  It hasn't turned black and blue thankfully.....just looks like she has a rug burn on her face!  She cried really hard for a few minutes and was back to her normal singing and dancing self afterwards.  We were planning on running to Saratoga today to run to the craft store, but silly me felt it was necessary to keep her home.  And what's even sillier is that I felt like a bad mother!  I thought that if I brought her out in public that people would think that I hit her or something.  So I'm over it now and we're going to head to Saratoga tomorrow!  The whole reason that we're going is because I received some prints yesterday and one of them was a storyboard that I printed for my sister.  I need to get some supplies for it so I can photograph it for my website and then send it her way.  I'm REALLY happy about the way that it turned out and I can't wait to make some more!!  Anyways, I need to get back to editing pics from this past weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh my poor baby! I'm sure that's the first of many to come over the years...She's a cutie pie even with a black eye!!

Love, Aunt Betsy

Anonymous said...

I like this one! the lighting is natural and there is just enough catch light in her eyes. The depth of field is also good. Remember, this can be controlled using aperture priority. The eyes need to be tack sharp! Try using spot or center weighted exposure to keep the eyes sharp.
Good work,Dad