Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fresh Air

Me and Lilly decided that we needed to get outside today so we did!!! We did a little bit of yard work and moved the rest of the leaves and we also went to the park. There is a large pond/lake down the street from us where they held the Penguin Plunge so I thought that we'd go there and maybe get some shots along the pond. Well the land along the pond wasn't as flat as I remembered it to be so we really didn't hang out there too long. We did manage to get some shots along the train tracks.....and then when I went back towards the lake to try and get some more shots I tried to take the keys away from Lillian and she began to cry.....
We'll probably do some more yardwork tomorrow if the weather is okay. Then on Saturday I'm getting all of my hair chopped off.......yeah (hopefully!)

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