Thursday, July 24, 2008

Starting to pick up....

So my photography business is starting to pick up which is fun and scary at the same time! If the whole wedding thing pans out, I'd be happy if I were able to book like 10 or so weddings a year, but I'd like to keep the focus on family and children for the time being. I just love the interactions between families. It's just so much fun and I think that I would miss that if I were to focus solely on weddings. Who knows what the future holds, but hopefully it only gets better from here on out. Here's a couple of shots from my family session this past week.....

In other news, I'm missing Lillian terribly!! She's been in Syracuse since Sunday and it's so strange with it being so quite around here. Mary offered to take her a few days before the wedding so I could prepare myself, which in the end has been a huge help. I've been working on getting the images from the family session edited so I can just focus on the wedding first thing Monday morning. It's going to be quite the experience editing and narrowing down a possible 3,000+ images for a wedding compared to my typical family sessions!! I'm sure I'll be a little overwhelmed at first, but like everything in life, practice makes perfect!!

We're coming along nicely with the house. We put in the new screens on the lower rear porch and Dan's going to work on putting the trim up this weekend. He's also going to start taking the paint off with the power washer. Who knows how long it will take for everything to get done, but it'd be nice if we could be done with the outside within a month. But somehow I highly doubt it with all that's going on!


Kirk said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice Job! It's nice to see images where the subjects are truly having a good time. Try to tighten up to your subjects a little more. Allot of sky is ok for snapshots but your customers may not want to hang sky on their wall. Many of your images have a good mix of background and subject but some have way to much sky or grass. Try to add some full frame head shots to your mix, keeping with your whimsical style
Watch your backgrounds. Driveways, cars, branches etc. around the edges can lead the viewer out of the images. You want to keep them in!!
Just my opinions.....
You have got the eye and I have noticed allot of improvement, keep up the good work.