Friday, August 01, 2008

A wedding in the park.....

Is such a beautiful place for a ceremony....and the Georgi Museum in Shushan, NY is the perfect setting!! Every first in your life can be such a rush of emotions. The first time you see your future wife/husband, your first kiss, your first walk as husband and wife......and last but not least, your first time photographing a wedding! Strangely enough, not a single bone in my body was nervous. My sister Betsy, also known as the assistant sent from heaven above was there to assist me and help me capture Tiffany and Leon's Day. And what a beautiful day it was! The sun was shining and love was in the air......corny I know! At any rate, I had a great time and I thought I'd give them just a little sneak peak of their day.....lots more to come. Thanks again for letting me capture your day!

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Anonymous said...

Be proud of yourself!!!
You have earned the right to be called a Professional Photographer.

Your skills and confidence will improve with each new client and your hard work is finally paying off. Pay attention to what clients purchase and repeat it, but also pay attention to what they don't and ask yourself why and make changes. Your clients are now your best critic!

I'm proud of your success and I'm enjoying your journey!!!