Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I know I suck at updating this blog! I've been busy though which is a good excuse and I highly doubt that Dan will be updating the blog anytime soon! Anyways, wedding season will be kicking into full gear this weekend. May and June are busy, busy, busy and hopefully getting busier with senior portraits during the week! Designing at Pink Ink has been a blessing in disguise and I absolutely love being able to design stuff again and with it being stuff that I can use for my business. I haven't scrapped in ages though which I really need to do sometime soon! So I'll do some updating on all fronts of my life so here we go!

Business- Business is doing great!! I'm about to purchase another lens within the week and it's a scary purchase, but it's something that I need and I know that it'll pay for itself soon! It's just scary when you make large purchases and when you look at the receipt and think "oh my god.....I could have bought a lot of stuff for that amount of money!"

Dan- Dan is doing well! Still loving his job which is something that I know is hard to come by these days. On days where I think that he might be having a tough day I always ask him if it was a bad day like the last place he worked and it's always a certain no!

Lilly- Lilly is doing well! She'll be turning 3 soon. Still hard to believe that my baby will be 3! I'm about to start planning her birthday party since we didn't have one for her last year since we were in the midst of moving into the house. I just can't decide if I should make the cake or not. The crafty girl in me want to make it again and make it pretty so I'll have something to photograph, but I guess we'll see! She's been doing well with potty training and actually pooped in the potty for the first time today which is super! We've been using a sticker chart which seems to be working well. Only problem is that she only does really well when she doesn't wear anything on the bottom! So next week we're going to move onto underwear and let her have accidents until she learns.......thank goodness for hardwood floors!! It's also hard to imagine that she'll be entering pre-school this year.......I'm still in total denial!

The house- The house is coming along nicely. Dan started scraping the front of the house this past weekend and hopes to have the bottom half done within the next couple of weeks. Then his cousin who is a painter is going to help him do the upper part. He also need to replace some of the woodwork that is rotted out because there's no point painting over something that's just going to fall apart! The kitchen is moving along slowly. I think mostly because of the whole dust issue. I HATE the layers of dust it leaves in my house. And since I'm the one that does the drywall, it's up to me to finish it! We're ordering the kitchen sink cabinet and we're going to get a quote for the rest of the cabinets. We might be able to do the kitchen remodel a little sooner than planned thanks to a wonderful discount we received! We're also going to price solid granite (we were planning on getting tile granite) as well which is exciting.

Another thing we're going to start doing this year is replacing the windows. The kitchen and bathroom are first on the list followed by the front windows. And yet another thing on the list of things to do is the driveway......we won't be able to pave it for a few years since it's not a high priority at this point, but we do need to have some new stone put down so that's it's not such a mess next spring! Like I've said countless times before, it'll be a work in progress for years to come!

Oh and the big news.......Bessy is back from being on vacation. You see......Bessy is my lawnmower. Bessy was my grandpa's riding lawnmower that me and Dan inherited when Grandpa passed away. So she sat in storage waiting to be used. Then when we were ready for her, she wasn't feeling too well so we brought her to the lawn mower doctor in Arlington. Well I guess Bessy really liked it there because she's been there since August. I finally told Dan that I had had enough and that I wanted the mower back so that we could mow the lawn whenever we wanted......otherwise I was going to make him buy one of those eco-friendly push mowers which wouldn't have been fun with 3/4 of an acre of land!! Needless to say, Bessy is back home with us and working well. She'll probably need to be replaced in a few years, but she works and she gets the job done so that's all that matters!

Anyways, here's a pic of Lilly today out on the back porch enjoying the weather and coloring....


Amanda Ann said...

So happy everything is going well :)
Haley has that same shirt that Lilly is wearing in the picture. Heehee

John said...

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