Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'll be back.......

So my year has finally come to an end! I had my last session this past Sunday and had a shoot on both Saturday and Sunday. I never thought that I would have been working this late in the year, especially in this area but I'm forever grateful that I was able too and got some amazing photos to boot! I feel like I've come such a long way and yet I still have a long way to go. Next year is all about growing not only my business, but my family as well. Then after that my goal for 2011 is to open a studio space so that I have someplace that my clients can come too to meet me and to separate my business life from my personal life as much as possible.......and it of course needs to be space in Arlington so hopefully something will be on the market during that time with great light coming in through nice large windows (a girl can dream right?!)

Lilly is doing well. We finally scheduled her second evaluation with the speech therapist and this one will be a little more intense for her and she'll be observed in pre-school as well. She's really doing a lot better than she was when she first started school, but still no where near where she needs to be for her age so we'll just continue to work on that. She's on the waiting list for the pre-K program at her school for next year so I'm hoping that she'll get in not only because she'll be able to go to school with her peers but also because the school is like less than 2 miles away and the 20 minute drive to Cambridge is starting to wear me down.....though I know she'll miss Ms Jane and Ms Carol, but you never know.....she could end up going there again!

Dan is doing well. He's been taking a break from remodeling until he gets his Christmas present and then we'll get to work on the kitchen. I do the taping and mudding and painting and he does everything else! We have to figure out what we're going to do with the heating vent in the wall that we'll be tearing down but at this point I'd rather just tear the wall down and deal with the heat that goes up through the hole for now......I just want to have the major part of the remodel done so we can put the cabinets in and refinish the floors.....oh and a ceiling would be nice too! He did such a great job on the outside though so this break is well deserved!

Anyways, me and Lilly decorated her gingerbread house yesterday. I realized while it was drying that I should have glued it to a plate rather than that ghetto white plastic thing but oh well. She tries to steal the candy off of it but I told her she has to wait until Daddy gets home from his business trip tonight so he can see it and then she can have some. Here's some pics (we did it in the living room since the table is covered in Christmas stuff at the moment!).....


Amanda Ann said...

What a great gingerbread house!! WTG Lilly! :)

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