Monday, July 03, 2006

She's coming home!

Tomorrow is the big day! Although the past 4 weeks have gone by really quickly, tomorrow couldn't come soon enough! I spent last night at the hospital in one of their family suites that they provide for mothers who are nursing so we can get used to dealing with a preemie at night. Although I only got 2 hours of sleep, Lilly did great through the night. I think that the only reason that I didn't sleep is that I was worried that I would wake up and she wouldn't be breathing. The doctor is really happy with her progress and doesn't forsee Lilly having any problems in the future (knock on wood!) Sadly the weather is supposed to be bad tomorrow, but if the report is wrong like it so often is we're going to go for a walk.....if not she'll enjoy a nice bath!

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Kerry said...

Isn't it a wonderful day, that day they come home! But scary too. Part of me was terrified when the SCBU door clicked locked behind us and we were suddenly on our own.