Thursday, July 06, 2006

What a busy week for little Lillian! Yesterday she had her first bath at home and she did some naughty things!! First she went number one all over my shirt while I transferred her from her room to the bath......then she did number two during the bath! At least she's smells like Johnson & Johnson now! Then today we had her first appointment with Dr. Gurski. Every one in the waiting room was telling me how cute she was and asking how much she weighed. I of course had to get her dressed up for the occasion! She weighed 4 lbs 7.2 oz today so she's doing really well at home! I'm really enjoying having her home as is Dan. He's been really cute with her and still asks me if it's okay for him to pick her up and hold her!


Anonymous said...

Lilly is just adorable and what a cute dress to see her in. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one to dress babies up when they go to doctor's appointments! It is nice to hear how relaxed you are with Lilly home. Dan will come around-Ron did the same thing with Kylie! Enjoy every minute of it-soon you will be chasing a 2 year old who loves to pull off her diaper and run around with nothing on and pee on the floor!


Ron, Jodie and Kylie

P.S. Kylie continues to look forward to see all the new pictures!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are home. How was your stroll around your neighborhood? It is a big place isn't it.
Pretty soon you will be going up through in dress sizes like nobody business. You are an adorable little girl.

Uncle Steve & Aunt Helen

Anonymous said...

Oh my...those outfits looked so small when I bought them...they look so big on her!! She is so cute!! I love you and miss you Lilly!!

Aunt Betsy