Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today Lilly has officially made the switch to cloth (actually microfiber) and so far so good! I may have to wait a couple more weeks for her thighs to get bigger if she starts to leak, in which case we'll make sure we don't get Huggies! They're a little bulky on her at the moment, but they'll eventually flatten out as we make them bigger. Just for those who are wondering, her diapers are called Fuzzi Bunz and the inside is made of microfiber. A terry insert slips into the middle for more absorbancy. Supposedly, "everything" is supposed to fall off into the toilet when they're ready to be cleaned. I made the decision to use these based on recommendations and not wanting to spend $10 a week on diapers that are just thrown away. These diapers should last her up to 8 months, which is a huge savings.....plus they're cute to boot!

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