Monday, August 21, 2006

Forgetful Weekend!

This weekend we traveled to Shushan to visit with Grandma Bombria and we did the unthinkable.....we forgot two very important items! I forgot to bring my camera.....I realized that I forgot it on the MA/NY state line which is almost an hour away. Then, to top things off................Dan forgot mine and Lilly's luggage!!! I had the most adorable outfits picked out for her to wear. I only had an extra onesie in her diaper bag. Luckily, Kathy gave us some outfits and Pat's next door neighbor let us borrow some onesies for the night. Once again luck wasn't on our side when I noticed that Lillian was leaking through every pair of diapers that we put on her (I don't recommend Huggies......very flimsy!!!!!) I switched her to the newborn size when we came home last night and today I'm washing her cloth diapers so she can start wearing them tomorrow. We had a wonderful weekend visiting everyone.....only wish I had my camera to catch it all. I'll be making a traveling list today to make sure we don't forget anything next time!

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